Music Heals the Soul

Some days life feels this way.
Feelings are temporary, trials are normal,
persevere and overcome.
Carry love, hope and faith as your shield.

“Running on Empty” Song by Jackson Browne check Facebook link to hear music:

Poem: Dance of Balance

The days blend together
as time races on
the moments become a blur.
Many questions remain
and the choices change.
It’s up and down and twisted all around,
light and darkness swirl in circles,
rainbows and clouds fill the sky
be aware of the battles within
the storms that come and go
they speak loud and clear and
whisper in your ear
each trial is a song,
a natural rhythm,
the dance of balance.

Poem by Sandy Schneider 12.20.2o22

Love Wins the Victory

Victory is when your life is turned upside down and your faith soars into the sun.

Your spiritual armor is firmly fitted and your fear disappears as you become a warrior within.

Your being equipped to face all the trials.

Supernatural protection is yours when love is your weapon of choice.

Your life on earth is temporary yet your healing is eternal.

Life on earth is a mystery with purpose.

Ask for wisdom. Focus on love. Faith is a verb.

Be thankful even when it hurts, there are hidden reasons for the pain.

The journey of awakening is trial and error, finding the target, aiming high, doing your best and knowing that is enough.

Have a quiet trust and guard your heart and mind.

Be unshakable in a world that rattles your soul.

Be the light.

Let love reign down on everyone you meet.

Send love and healing into the world.

Poem or journal from Sandy Schneider 12.15.222

It’s All Good

Wrote a quick poem or words this morning to express my thoughts for the day. Photos enhance the words.

Each day is a journey
The doors are open
Or the doors are closed
You can go through or stand still
You can open the door
You can peek in
Or rush in
You can be brave
Or you can be afraid
Your in the right place at the right time
There are no mistakes in this moment
Your gathering, your experiencing, your feeling alive
Allow your mind, spirit and soul
to experience all the changes.
Whatever needs to happen will.
Do your best, be your best,
don’t give in to defeat
Every dance is a victory
Live in the moment.
Don’t wait until tomorrow.
Allow the trials to take you to a new place.
Don’t be afraid. Brush away fear.
Embrace the moment.

Each day is a journey, the doors are open or the doors are closed. You can go through or stand still. You can open the door, You can peek in or rush in. You can be brave or you can be afraid. You are in the right place at the right time, there are no mistakes in this moment. Your gathering, your feeling alive, allow your mind, spirit and soul to be free. Whatever needs to happen will. Do your best, Be your best. Don’t give into defeat. Don’t be afraid. Brush away fear. Allow the trials to take you to a new place. Every dance becomes a victory! Embrace the moment.

Sandy Schneider 12.13.2o22

Poem: You are Not Alone

You are Not Alone

Sometimes life takes you down a rocky path
filled with sadness, grief, and pain
You manage to keep climbing, keep walking,
keep pulling yourself up
yet the struggles keep coming
Then one day your strength is gone,
worn out and exhausted
You’ve used everything in you to keep going
Then one day you completely stop
Not taking one more step
You know in your heart this battle
can not be won alone
Your fighting against yourself
Your trust has faded
Then one day a moment of light appears,
The truth is revealed in your heart
after all these years you wake up
and realize the light is with you.
You don’t have to take one more step alone.

Poetry by Sandy Schneider