Quotes, Thoughts for the day

Quiet, Prayer, Gratitude, Peace, Forgiveness, Wonder, Rebuilding, Understanding, Listening, Pause, Deep Thinking, Time Away, Flowing, Grounding, Being…

The single most important thing [you can do] is to shift [your] internal stance from “I understand” to “Help me understand.” Everything else follows from that. . . .

Remind yourself that if you think you already understand how someone feels or what they are trying to say, it is a delusion. Remember a time when you were sure you were right and then discovered one little fact that changed everything. There is always more to learn.

Douglas Stone, Difficult Conversations: How to Discuss What Matters Most

“We live in the shelter of each other.” -Celtic saying

Love is Number 1


The love verses are a beautiful way to meditate on love. To learn about love and share love.

A friend gifted me 108 beads recently so I looked up the meaning here: https://www.himalayanyogainstitute.com/what-is-so-sacred-about-the-number-108/#:~:text=In%20yoga%2C%20the%20number%20108,mala%20beads%20in%20reverse%20order.

108 is a sacred number among many cultures. What a beautiful reminder to repeat love verses, pray for others, speak affirmations, express gratitude, enjoy silence, ask for wisdom, believe in healing, create art, release, let go and be creative.