Poem: You are Not Alone

You are Not Alone

Sometimes life takes you down a rocky path
filled with sadness, grief, and pain
You manage to keep climbing, keep walking,
keep pulling yourself up
yet the struggles keep coming
Then one day your strength is gone,
worn out and exhausted
You’ve used everything in you to keep going
Then one day you completely stop
Not taking one more step
You know in your heart this battle
can not be won alone
Your fighting against yourself
Your trust has faded
Then one day a moment of light appears,
The truth is revealed in your heart
after all these years you wake up
and realize the light is with you.
You don’t have to take one more step alone.

Poetry by Sandy Schneider

Listening …

The sounds of joy and peace are vibrating at a new level, the day starts early yet time is slipping away.
Moments are filled with love, gratitude or sorrow,
coming from the sounds we hear or perceive.
The vibrations speak the truth.
Listen to the wind as the birds chirp a new song.
The sounds are guiding us into a new place.

Poetry by Sandy Schneider 10.29.22