Broken Hearts Heal

One day, I allowed you to hold my heart ❤️ then you broke it into a million pieces. I tried to put it back together, and then you broke it over and over again.

All I know… Don’t give away your heart.

Don’t give it to a stranger.

Don’t give it to the first person you meet.

Don’t give away your heart.

Your heart is a priceless gift.

It takes time to heal the heart.

My heart is no longer made of glass.

It’s much stronger now.

The heart can heal.

All I know… don’t give away your heart.

Your heart is a priceless gift.

Keep guard over your heart.

Don’t give your heart away.

Broken hearts heal.

It takes time to know who you can trust with your heart.

I am Victory

The animal guide appeared on my path and noticed confusion on my face. He rushed over to me and charged into a tree, knocking bark and branches off the tree.

The first thing he said was, “Get rid of all the dead branches, clear them out and make room for new growth.  Now is the time to look at your weaknesses and change them into strengths.” 
I looked at the Spirit Guide and asked, “How, What is the best way?”

He sat down next to me and said, “Embrace the Ŵarrior within and find the courage to confront your fears. Pray and ask for wisdom.”

I cried and sobbed for a long time because this was hard advice to hear.
I wanted to run away, hide, and isolate from everyone. I was tired of fighting and wanted to give up. I had forgotten about the warrior within me.

The animal guide said, “It is time to face all the challenges that are causing you havoc and pain. It is time to find closure.”
I knew in my heart that he was speaking the truth and that his protection was being granted at this time. He would lend me his fearless determination and strength so that no one could cause me harm.
He would guide me through all the traps and reveal all the pitfalls.

It was time to make tough decisions and face my challenges head on.
My time was running out as the adversary was making plans to take me down a dark path of hopelessness and despair. 

I embraced my warrior spirit. I held out my sword with confidence.

The roar of thunder came out from my lips.
I am Victory.

The Knight’s Path

The knight appeared suddenly one day many years ago. He calmly said he was there to offer her protection. She felt very safe and accepted the offer, even though she did not know him at all.

It took years for her to heal, yet step by step, her strength was restored. He stood by her side and waited until one day he saw that a warrior had emerged from the ashes. He knew in that moment that his work was done.

He wanted to stay longer, yet he knew it was time to let her go. The warrior woman cried many tears. Her heart was heavy, filled with grief and agony, yet she also understood that it was time for them to part ways.

She remembered all the excruciating and painful thorns, the life lessons that were necessary for her transformation, and she watched as all the years passed by right before her eyes.

She was granted wisdom, and she could now see through the darkness. The light illuminated everything, and she was prepared to step into the light.

They were both on a new journey, thankful for the experience and waving goodbye to each other.

After the knight laid down his armor, he flew off to find another wounded soul. His presence was not designed to be romantic in nature. The Knight’s mission was to provide protection, healing, and to give the wounded souls the wings to fly on their own.

1st Knight Story by Sandy Schneider 3.6.23

Clear Negative Vibes

A simple process of clearing negative energy around you when your an empath or feeling overwhelmed by others.

Sometimes people share their drama moments or yell or argue and it disturbs your personal energy. It invades your space and it feels heavy, uncomfortable, stressful, sad, or like an attack.

When you get home light a candle (nontoxic preferably) and stare into the flame. Get your mind off the distractions in the world. Think about affirmations, prayers and peaceful thoughts and colors that feel good.

Many people put a shield of light around their entire body from their toes to above their head of white light. Some people use other colors.

Sometimes if your around people that vibrate their hurt, fear, anger, confusion, toxic emotions, control, anxiety or stress it can creep into your energy field; so protect yourself when you wake up in the morning. This is planning ahead, having a built in strategy for the day. Be prepared.

Have a prompt to remind you to put on your armor or shield of protection. Here are a few examples of prompts: When I put on my shoes I will put on my shield. When I get out of the shower I will put on my shield. When I pray I will put on my shield. Pick prompts that make sense to you and help to remind you to create a new habit.

The shield and armor protect you.
The shield and armor are made of love and light.

Let me know how this works for you or any questions you may have.

Music Heals the Soul

Some days life feels this way.
Feelings are temporary, trials are normal,
persevere and overcome.
Carry love, hope and faith as your shield.

“Running on Empty” Song by Jackson Browne check Facebook link to hear music:

Poem: Dance of Balance

The days blend together
as time races on
the moments become a blur.
Many questions remain
and the choices change.
It’s up and down and twisted all around,
light and darkness swirl in circles,
rainbows and clouds fill the sky
be aware of the battles within
the storms that come and go
they speak loud and clear and
whisper in your ear
each trial is a song,
a natural rhythm,
the dance of balance.

Poem by Sandy Schneider 12.20.2o22