Thank you for a New Day and a Different Perspective

Each day is a gift and a life lesson. It may be the gift of joy, the gift of reflection, the gift of time, the gift of thankfulness, awareness, spiritual insights, wisdom, friendship, celebrations, music, the gift of art, etc.

Each experience, each emotion can be viewed as a gift.

Our life lessons are super valuable gifts. They appear as hardships and pain, yet underneath the iceberg are precious, rare gifts. These are normally not viewed as gifts; we often fight against these life experiences and reject the life lessons. No worries, because our life lessons will keep repeating until we understand that the gifts we receive have good intentions.

Some life lessons help us to know it is time to let go and move forward.

Some life lessons we need to research and learn more about. This requires your intuition, your heart and your gut to unwrap the meaning.

Be careful to avoid the overthinking trap.

When you use your intuition and prayer it is easier to learn the life lessons. It may take time to get it.

The life lessons definitely replay until the message is revealed.

This may not make sense because it is a different way to look at our natural choices, coincidences and consequences. It is learning a new perspective.

It may sound like mumbo-jumbo, yet life lessons are precious gifts to honor, respect and learn from every day.

Published by Empowering Choices

Life Coach, Golden, Colorado

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