A Reminder

The words you speak in your head, whisper or say outloud can make or break your day.

Limit your exposure to negativity and any focus on fear. Once your fight or flight reaction is activated it takes time, conscious effort and work to deactivate.

Positive self talk is a good place to start.

Enjoy right now.

Self-Talk Tip: It’s science. The more your brain receives the right, repeated messages, the more you wire your brain to succeed. Self-talk rewires your brain. -Shad Helmstetter

Excerpt from “The Self-Talk Solution ”

I highly recommend this older book because it is about changing the way you talk to your self, which of course makes all the difference in the world. Btw…I don’t receive any money or kickbacks for my recommendations.

I really love sharing what has worked for me. I did find a free pdf link to this book online. I am not able to download link or post it here.

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Life Coach, Golden, Colorado

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