Take Time to Heal

Escape to Nature

Everyone has different ways to heal. Some may choose to ignore or forget about their hidden emotions, their scars and traumas.

If you bury your emotions, they may come back to haunt you.

I prefer to be fully aware of emotional triggers.

I can then accept, forgive, release and let go of emotional triggers from the past and present.

When past memories show up as triggers and pop up unexpectedly; these emotions need to be respected as good messages so you can learn effective ways to handle your emotions.

Triggers can be managed in a healthy manner. It takes time, patience and experimenting with different techniques.

One technique that works for some people is EFT by Gary Craig. Kaiser and the Veteran’s Hospital are teaching their patients the EFT technique or Emotional Freedom Technique.

Published by Empowering Choices

Life Coach, Golden, Colorado

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