Journaling, Scribbling and Art

Scribble Art

Journaling is a way to let everything flow.

Every morning I write whatever comes to my mind. The first thing is being thankful for life, for a new day, and for whatever else pops up in my head.

Journaling helps to release positive and negative emotions… the darkness and the light.

Then comes the scribbling or doodling to enjoy a quiet getaway and focus on nothing for a little bit. Sometimes the scribbling may be to get rid of some negative energy.

Journaling and scribbling have no borders or limits. It is your free time to express yourself.

Art is freedom of expression and altered art is my favorite.

I believe journaling, being thankful, and releasing emotions through writing, scribbling or altered art is great therapy.

Published by Empowering Choices

Life Coach, Golden, Colorado

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