Stepping into the Wave

One step at a time.

A new day.

I have an opportunity to make a difference and to live with hopes and dreams.

I am willing to start over.

Change is inevitable. Face it head on.

Yes, many things look harsh and are laced with corruption right now.

I have ancestors who survived tragedy, sacrificed their life as a POW, survived the Black Plague and the Great Depression.

I believe we can overcome evil with good.

I believe in heroes.

I believe in freedom.

I believe in starting over.

I feel thankful and blessed in countless ways.

This is the time to look back at history and a time to look forward.

As the summer heat subsides and the fall season begins we can choose to observe all the changes and understand that every season in life matters.

In a world that promotes fear, greed and violence

I have chosen to focus on love, peace, faith, hope, freedom, choice, joy, empathy, prayer and the positive qualities that remain.

When I turn on my phone bad news leaks out like toxic waste. It is everywhere. When I am checking to see how a friend is doing, or finding my favorite speakers or deleting emails, etc. I see headlines, deaths and lies.

I see a minefield of fear tactics. The media and the ones in control of the media are winning every time someone gets caught in their traps or enters the minefields.

I will be more vigilant about accessing the purpose driven fear mongering promoted by the media.

It is time to look at new ways to live a higher quality life that isn’t poisoned by the current media, TV, radio, and internet programming of our minds.

There is massive censorship since 2020. Research it or watch any videos by people that are sharing any injuries or deaths, they are being blocked.

I can’t put specific words due to censorship. I can only speak the truth carefully. Be aware.

I started writing today and this is what poured out. Some are blinded at this time and that is actually predicted and written in the bible.

I am sharing my thoughts and feelings that’s all.

If your reading this and believe something in our world is off, that the truth is being twisted then we are on the same page.

I pray for the truth to explode and rain down on mankind so that all eyes can see and discern what is really happening today.

Published by Empowering Choices

Life Coach, Golden, Colorado

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