Creative Awakening

Thankful for a new day and a new beginning.

Every day is an opportunity to explore my values, thoughts, priorities and to create a peaceful, calming existence.

I listened to Trent Shelton this morning and his talk inspired me to write this blog. I love to journal, doodle, be creative and share positive solutions.

I am a life coach and when I started out coaching many years ago I tried to follow the course material but it did not include what I truly wanted to teach and create. Instead of developing a unique, personalized approach I tried to follow a step by step outline and the cookie cutter approach and failed.

I finally had a breakthrough aka Awakening last night about myself…I love to color way outside the lines and create mixed media and altered art pieces. The colored wheels I create and post are from an app; they are relaxing and fun because they are balanced yet I can use different techniques and colors and it comes out pretty cool and geometrically balanced.

So to make a long story short, failing my way to success…I am now on a creative path to redesign my life coaching business.

This time it will be based on my personal interests, strengths, gifts and talents. I know God is leading me in the right direction.

I trust this new lens prescription. I can see clearly that it is time to be creative.

My focus and passion over the years have turned to holistic and spiritual health. I am now tuned into creative ways to share this vision.

I am excited to start creating with a personal touch. It is fun to knock down all the blocks and start over.

Published by Empowering Choices

Life Coach, Golden, Colorado

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