September: Brown Bear

brown bear birth totem
The Brown Bear symbolizes introspection.
It is examining and observing
one’s own mental and emotional processes.

If you are born from August 22nd or 23rd through September 21st or 22nd your Native American Birth Animal is the Bear.

Additional Birthday info:
Harvest Moon
Plant: Violets: faithfulness, peace, respect and spiritual awareness.
Mineral: Topaz
Color: Brown
Spirit Keeper: Coyote, Red Mouse
Power Direction: SSW
Elemental Clan: Turtle

The Bear hibernates and seeks personal truth and answers in the cave. The bear is reborn in the spring time. The bear teaches us that the answers to our questions are within us. Take time to be silent and reflect on life matters.

Some Tribes have different interpretations of signs, similar to other cultures.

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