Personal Boundaries

Somtimes life feels harder than it needs to be, that’s why boundaries and strategies are so important.

Life throws you many curve balls. When you meet people with mental illnesses such as narcissism or people with toxic attitudes, poor boundaries, or any crazy making person they have “zero” care about how they treat you.

You are walking on a minefield they have created and designed specifically for you. They have their weapons lined up, intact and ready to fire. They have strategies and patterns. They are armed and ready to attack at any time. They may stop and take a break just to trick you, and be nice for a little bit just to lure you in. They may even throw you some crumbs to make you happy and then they wait to catch you off guard. It’s all part of their game.

What is your part in the game?

Why are you playing?

Stop being the pawn.

Stop playing.

Get Boundaries and protect your heart, mind and spirit.

Put on the spiritual armor, the shield of faith, hold on to the spiritual promises.

Practice how to stop the game, turn it off, shut it down as soon as it starts. Snap.

Start designing a self care routine.

Learn some taglines to shut off the nonsense, which means stop participating in the game of drama and chaos.

The person that is verbally attacking you knows what works, they have tested it many times.

They know it hurts, they know it is painful and they love watching you suffer. They get pleasure from this type of interaction.

It feels like you are in a movie scene that freezes on the screen right at the part where the person may die. You feel anxiety, fear, panic, despair and these feelings come each time you allow this cycle to continue.

They are playing mind games with you and they actually enjoy the entire scene. They get intense enjoyment if you react according to their plan.

What is your final move? What’s the plan?

It’s your turn to have a strategy.

Published by Empowering Choices

Life Coach, Golden, Colorado

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