Opt Out

Choose nature instead.

The time to heal is today, this moment, now.

Opt out of Toxic Relationships.

Opt out of Dysfunctional.

Opt out of Crazy-making.

Opt out of Negativity.

Opt out of taking the Bait.

Opt out of the cycle of Abuse.

Opt out of the Loop.

Opt out of waving Red Flags.

When you are looking for comfort and peace and find instead a frozen heart and a cold shoulder, it is time to opt out.

There are options, there are new choices and decisions to be made.

Take one step up on the staircase.
Every step is progress.

The time to heal is now. It is not about waiting longer, or thinking tomorrow will be different.

Opt out now.

What does opting out look like….

Taking a self care approach to your life.

Taking time to think.

Taking time to dream big.

Taking time for yourself.

Taking time to fill your cup.

Taking time to see all your options.

Taking time for self help classes, videos or books.

Taking time to heal.

Published by Empowering Choices

Life Coach, Golden, Colorado

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