Flowing or Stagnant

Harmony is our natural state of being, and so, when our energies become too stagnant, chaos is thrown into the mix to stimulate what will eventually result in balance and invite flow. The trick is to not let chaos trap or define you… simply allow it to create movement in the vehicle of your life so that you can snap your eyes open and take back control of the wheel. Do not lose yourself in the storm, instead, be the calm in the storm.

Alaric Hutchinson, Living Peace: Essential Teachings for Enriching Life

We can choose to be stagnant, stuck or flow in life. If we are fortunate enough to be given another day of life, we can choose to live deliberately and with intention.

Sometimes it is important to stand still and to stop moving so fast. Sometimes stopping is the right thing to do.

When we stop and observe…things become clear and easier to see. If we are running around in circles everything becomes a blur.

Stop, then move forward one step or several steps at a time. Mistakes are inevitable and part of the process.

Life is an experience. Live wild and free.

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Life Coach, Golden, Colorado

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