A Leaf

The tree stands still while
the colorful leaves fall.

As the leaf free falls from the tree, it reminds me of clearing out and making room for new growth.

Sometimes we want instant answers and sometimes the answers are still waiting to fall.

As the wind blows, feeling the chill air knocking at the door. The smell of autumn is here. The tree stands strong and waits for winter to come.

Life stands still for a moment and the leaves cover the ground. The sound of walking on the colorful leaves is nature’s way of moving forward in time.

A fallen leaf represents a season in life where we can learn to let go.

As the leaves fall it gives us time to reflect and ask…

What did we harvest this year in our life?

Did we plant seeds of love and support?

Did we grow?

Why are we happy, sad, overwhelmed, mad, or xyz?

We are responsible for our own actions.

Did we take care of our garden?

What consequences did we reap?

The harvest time is proof of our effort and work. Did I do my best?

Mistakes are part of the process and they help us to improve when we look back and truly examine our lives.

The seasons are essential to teaching us that cycles and patterns naturally occur.

Each season brings us life lessons.

Will you listen to the wisdom of nature? It speaks clearly when we take the the time to be still.

Published by Empowering Choices

Life Coach, Golden, Colorado

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