Uploading, Updating, Upgrading to a New Revision

Get off the Carousel of Despair
Experience the flowing water.
Be willing to let go.
Allow natural life lessons
to flow gently into your life.
Smoke, Warning….
Sh#% Happened!
The truth bombs exploded.
I noticed my choices were based on lies;
My choices were way off track.
I now choose to walk at a snails pace.
I choose to seek the truth.
I will walk with turtle steps until I learn to
navigate without rushing or pushing so hard.

I choose to let go of outcomes and results.

I choose to be like the crooked tree and live my life purpose.

I choose to have inner peace, and to be filled with love, hope, joy, and all the fruits of the Spirit.

The twisted tree lives out its life.
The straight tree ends up as a board.
-Chinese Proverb
I am far from perfect.
My mistakes are turning into a beautiful tapestry.
I choose to do my best.
I choose to walk authentically.
I choose to accept reality.
I choose to respect what shows up on my path.
I choose to stop resisting,
clinging or controlling life events.
I choose to learn from my life lessons.
I choose to believe the flow of life philosophy.
This is a complete shift in mindset.
Letting go of habits and patterns
that no longer work.
I am thankful for this new perspective.
Thank you for the wake up call.

Published by Empowering Choices

Life Coach, Golden, Colorado

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