Notes, Reminders, Life Lessons

Self-Worth is a priority.

Be strong in your beliefs and values.

Know that your purpose lives in you and you can’t lose it.

Create a new story, a new chapter a new page, a new beginning.

Pray faithfully.

Be prepared for Spiritual Warfare.

Your past pain has prepared you for your purpose.

Do you want to be celebrated by the world?

My answer is No.

Search for the truth.

Delete all the money-making schemes and ideas and find out what you love to do.

What do you work at without pay that you love to do?

Remove external validation.

Shed the approval of others.

Destroy the lies that recognition and popularity are important; this is complete garbage, a total waste of your time.

Approval from others gives you the illusion of success.

Search for the truth.

What keeps you distracted? This is a major clue. Set up a personal schedule.

Live your life on purpose.

Deception is a tricky adversary that loves to waste your time, cause you confusion, stress and anxiety; or make you so comfortable that you stop looking for answers. These are clues that can knock you off your feet if you allow them to deceive you.

What are you busy doing that ends up wasting a lot of your time? Be aware of distractions. Beware.

What is Deception? It is a path of hidden lies. Imagine you are playing a strategic game yet you are being tricked into believing you are winning when you are actually losing. The adversary is very clever, do not underestimate.

Search for the truth.

Your purpose is much deeper than the illusions of success from the world’s point of view.

Go on a journey, mistakes happen on purpose, learn from them and discover what makes you tick. What makes you happy?

Real life experiences become your trade, your personal tools, your uniqueness. Enjoy the journey.

Love with all your heart and soul.

Live on purpose.

Winning and losing amounts to endless learning and the balance of darkness and light.

Practice love, believe in love and live it fully.

Life is not an easy, smooth road, it is truly bumpy with lots of detours. Be prepared for the mountains and the valleys, the sunshine and the storms.

Search for the truth.

This is the end game.

My notes and thoughts from listening to Trent Shelton and other authors. This is my thoughts, expressions, interpretations and personal beliefs of what I am learning on the journey.

Published by Empowering Choices

Life Coach, Golden, Colorado

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