Can we define love?

Is love a hug? Is it a kiss? Is it a friend who cares? Is it having a life time partner? Is it a smile? Is it laughter and good times? Is it a healing touch? Is love different for each person? Is it a feeling that comes and goes? Is it accepting people just the way they are? Is love accepting others without judging? Is love freedom? Is love inside a rose? Is love a newborn coming into the world? Is love your family, your children, your grand children? Is love a sunrise and a sunset? Is love explainable? Is there an exhaustive definition of love written that is fully complete?

Love is…________________________fill in the blank.

I think love is the best way to live life.

I believe Love is the perfect solution to most problems.

Love could take a zillion pages or more to explain.

Published by Empowering Choices

Life Coach, Golden, Colorado

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