The Path

Walking forward and sometimes strolling backwards.

Each day as the morning sun shines brightly I am filled with gratitude.

Each breath is a signature of life.

The Choices…

Will I be present or will I choose to live in the past?

Will I choose to love and be loved?

Will I choose a healthy mindset or will I choose to focus on the negative input from the world?

Will I choose to take gradual, small steps to find harmony and balance or will I rush to find instant answers that may turn out to be false?

Will I understand that pain provides the answers that I need to move me in a new direction?

Will I face the truth that some things happen in life for unknown reasons?

Will I accept what is or will I make choices to resist what is happening consciously or unconsciously?

Life is a path of listening, observing and discovering our authentic self; each choice brings important life lessons that are designed for personal growth.

I want to see clearly and vividly. I want to hear the inner truths. I want to feel alive and connected. I want to touch nature and use all my senses to experience life on earth.

I want to continue on a spiritual path of love, hope, faith, grace, forgiveness, joy, miracles, and much more.

I want to walk on the bridges, walk on the dirt, walk on the rocks, walk on the sand and grass and swim in the ocean, rivers and lakes.

I want to sing a new song and listen to music, and the sounds of drums, flutes and every musical instrument.

Let the journey begin moment by moment, choice by choice…let it be.

Published by Empowering Choices

Life Coach, Golden, Colorado

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