Loneliness came to Visit

Sometimes loneliness creeps in the door unexpected.
It does not knock, it seems to appear out of nowhere.
You look straight at it and ask “Who let you in?”
It does not reply, as you sit in total silence.
When this happens you have some choices.
You can kick it out the door or sit with it.
You can do the best you can or
you can force a different outcome.
You can pretend it’s not happening or choose to wear a mask.
Sometimes you can accept the peace and quiet
that surrounds you and embrace it.
Sometimes you want to run to family and friends.
Sometimes you want to run far away and escape.
Sometimes it feels like heavy chains are holding you down.
Sometimes being with others feels like a small band-aid
on a huge bleeding wound.
Sometimes relationships can truly heal your soul.
Sometimes going out feels good;
other times it feels like a like an experiment
rather than a life experience.
Loneliness asks you questions and makes you think.
Sometimed being fully present and accepting life as it occurs isn’t easy.
It takes courage to look loneliness in the face.
It takes strength to take in all the emotions it reveals.
To grieve, to cry, to move on, to accept, and
To celebrate new beginnings.
Your family moves away, your partner is gone, death of loved ones, your friends are busy and your left wondering…
What happened and when did the lights go out?
Again you are left with more questions…
What will you do next?
Sometimes new people cross your path and misunderstand who you are and your too tired to explain or justify their current perception.
Sometimes when you attempt to battle loneliness it feels like your a warrior taking invisible hits, as old wounds open that have never healed from the past.
Sometimes it feels like your winning, losing, sinking and
swimming in an endless cycle.
Is it time to tell loneliness to go away and maybe come back another day?
Today loneliness is being kicked to the curb,
yesterday we had coffee and a long talk.
Tomorrow I may have to deal with it again.
What will I do when loneliness comes to visit?

Poem by Sandy Schneider

I wrote this for people who have struggled with grief, pain, and loss on life’s journey. I am not exempt. Each day becoming aware of inner and outer pain and then deciding to take a step forward is the key to healing your soul. Movement and a hard or soft reset are needed and it usually leads to a positive outcome.

Acceptance is part of the journey.

Having tools and resources to navigate are essential.

I take online classes with Jayson Gaddis, Trent Shelton and Mel Robbins. I follow Tony Robbins and many others on social media that help me through challenging moments in life. I enjoy having inspiration, encouragement, aha moments, and learning from the experts. Sometimes it is completely free advice other times it comes with a small cost and provides tremendous value.

If you want to get unstuck, if you want to heal, find people you can relate to, then listen, learn and apply. Test it, experiment, give it a try.

Why not start with a 15 minute video a day from a reliable resource, a proven, well known author.

May you have the courage to find answers and solutions. Sending love to all those who are struggling and searching for answers.

I may post later some of my favorite videos and resources.

Published by Empowering Choices

Life Coach, Golden, Colorado

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