Endless Love

Endless Love

Mother’s Day is about birth, memories and endless love.

Remembering the miracle of birth… when your precious children entered into the world.

Children are gifts from above, that are placed into your care, into your loving arms, to be loved forever, even across the miles a mother’s love never ends.

A baby receives all the love inside your heart the moment of conception. Your love flows every day and your children remain forever in your heart. 

When you are pregnant the journey of motherhood begins. When you are able to hold your baby for the first time the miracle of birth becomes a reality.

As you gaze at your children it is amazing and wonderful to experience life through their eyes and your eyes.

As your children become adults, there is a heart connection that stands the test of time.

As time passes you see your adult children get married, become parents or choose to be single or have boyfriends or girlfriends.

Then the gift of grand children may happen and when grandchildren are born life becomes pure joy. Children have beautiful hearts and their smiles and wholehearted laughter lights up the world.

Every time I see or hear from my family it is a celebration of love. A reunion of hearts.

Endless Love.

Poem by Sandy Schneider

Published by Empowering Choices

Life Coach, Golden, Colorado

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