I add all the spices above and a touch of honey, unsulphured molasses, a frozen banana, a teaspoon of cocoa and peanut butter. Occasionally adding Gingko Biloba or curry or any spice that has additional health benefits.

I started using spices in my cabinet at home to lower my blood pressure and for overall health benefits. I’ve had adverse reactions in the past to medications so I researched and experimented with many alternative, holistic health methods and many home remedies. I finally found something that works!!!

There are amazing health benefits in spices that lower blood sugar, reduce inflammation, help digestion, give you an energy boost, brain power and they are full of antioxidants.

WARNING: If you are pregnant DO NOT consume herbs or spices without talking to your doctor and checking online for all side effects during pregnancy.

WARNING: If you are taking medications consult your doctor before using any spices and herbs.

Here is the documented change in my blood pressure:

4/18/2022 Blood Pressure Reading

5/6/2022 Blood Pressure Reading

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Life Coach, Golden, Colorado

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