Poetry that poured out from my soul…

The Warrior’s Song
I’m back!
The storm, the lightening and the thunder…
Powerful, Lively and Beautiful.
Like a well rehearsed play the words flowed with waves of relief. Every stick moved down the river as the sun set in the sky.
Rise again and again as the trumpet blows in the west; the sun will rise and a new day will come.
As this day says good night all is well.
The spiritual vision, the truth speaks loudly, clearly and without fail.
There are times to be quiet and there are times to shout, the warrior’s cry will be heard.
Risen from the dirt, trampled on over many moons,
left alone to wither away and die.
Yet the hard times brought healing and the pain caused inner growth, and wisdom became my best friend.
The love from above brought sunshine to my heart, healing me over time.
Then one day I rose from the dirt, where I had slept for so long and the sun rose again and now I can sing a new song.

Spinning Wheel

Words can spell out
love or disaster,
torment or freedom,
Sunshine or cloudy thoughts.
What is held in the heart will pour out
Whether it is fear, grief, hurt or anger
or joy, peace, balance and compassion
It comes out with a roar or it comes out with tears,
When anger’s fire is unleashed it wipes out a field of flowers, yet the flowers will come back.
When joy’s bright light is released
the birds will sing forever.
A rainbow of colors stretches across the sky;
It is a bridge to many paths.
The journey of many colors.
Choices are on the spinning wheel,
round and round it goes,
the stages of life pass by
And the choice to heal is yours.

The Doors to the Universe

A starry sky filled with trillions of star lights
Your purpose is hidden behind the doors
Seek answers
Be still
Miracles are here
Open the doors and Believe.

Poetry by Sandy Schneider

October 2022

Published by Empowering Choices

Life Coach, Golden, Colorado

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