Spend Time in Nature


Time to Fly

Notice butterflies and wildlife on your walk

Take quiet time. Reflect

Redirect your focus.

Choose Gratitude.

  • Quotes, Thoughts for the day
    The single most important thing [you can do] is to shift [your] internal stance from “I understand” to “Help me understand.” Everything else follows from that. . . . Remind yourself that if you think you already understand how someone feels or what they are trying to say, it is a delusion. Remember a timeContinue reading “Quotes, Thoughts for the day”
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  • Mel Robbins Quotes
    Give yourself a break. You made the best decision you could with the information you had at the time. You’re human. -Mel Robbins
  • Balancing Act
    Stillness. Being present and aware. Simple, easy, straightforward, authentic, natural moments that occur without planning are the best. Unexpected experiences that flow like a river and then the storm doesn’t matter anymore.
  • Photos – Nature Walk Colorado
  • Love is Number 1
    https://dailyverses.net/love The love verses are a beautiful way to meditate on love. To learn about love and share love. A friend gifted me 108 beads recently so I looked up the meaning here: https://www.himalayanyogainstitute.com/what-is-so-sacred-about-the-number-108/#:~:text=In%20yoga%2C%20the%20number%20108,mala%20beads%20in%20reverse%20order. 108 is a sacred number among many cultures. What a beautiful reminder to repeat love verses, pray for others, speak affirmations,Continue reading “Love is Number 1”
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  • Powerful Quotes – Lisa Bilyeu
    When someone says you can’t do it, do it twice and take pictures.” “You say I dream too big.  I say you think too small.” “You are the CEO of your life.  Hire, fire, and promote accordingly.” Be brave.  Fear less.  Be bad-ass at 15 years old.  Be bad-ass at 80 years old.” “Stop waiting. Continue reading “Powerful Quotes – Lisa Bilyeu”
  • Advanced Holistic Health Care
    Introducing a Holistic Biofeedback System called Biopulsar-Reflexograph® The Biopulsar scan is done by placing your hand on the plate and it instantly detects any imbalances in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. The data is then used to understand and teach the power of the human mind and its interaction with the body andContinue reading “Advanced Holistic Health Care”
  • Sunlight
  • Olive Oil Benefits etc.
    https://pin.it/7xAt6L0 Here are some images and articles about Olive Oil Benefits Suggestion: Eat olives if you are not interested in taking a teaspoon of olive oil at night or putting it on your salad and Mediterranean dishes. Research olive oil health benefits.
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  • Trent Shelton Motivation
  • Spices
    I started using spices in my cabinet at home to lower my blood pressure and for overall health benefits. I’ve had adverse reactions in the past to medications so I researched and experimented with many alternative, holistic health methods and many home remedies. I finally found something that works!!! There are amazing health benefits inContinue reading “Spices”
  • Biopulsar Reflexograph
    Who can benefit from a Biopulsar Scan? Everyone. The Biopulsar-Reflexograph® system is a biofeedback tool that gives scientific information and objective interpretations for the full body’s electromagnetic field and seven major energy centers. The technology incorporates several proven sciences such as biofeedback, neuroscience, reflexology, kinesiology, and color therapy to name a few, making it theContinue reading “Biopulsar Reflexograph”
  • Colorado Nature Photos
  • Endless Love
    Mother’s Day is about birth, memories and endless love. Remembering the miracle of birth… when your precious children entered into the world. Children are gifts from above, that are placed into your care, into your loving arms, to be loved forever, even across the miles a mother’s love never ends. A baby receives all theContinue reading “Endless Love”
  • The Path to Healing
    “Healing Within” Poem by Sandy Schneider The path looks different for each person. In my life “love” is the superpower that heals the path within. Challenges show up on a rainy, cloudy or sunny day. Healing reminds me of the seasons. In the Springtime we start to bloom; rising up like a seed planted inContinue reading “The Path to Healing”
  • Loneliness came to Visit
    Sometimes loneliness creeps in the door unexpected.It does not knock, it seems to appear out of nowhere.You look straight at it and ask “Who let you in?”It does not reply, as you sit in total silence.When this happens you have some choices.You can kick it out the door or sit with it.You can do theContinue reading “Loneliness came to Visit”
  • The Path
    Walking forward and sometimes strolling backwards. Each day as the morning sun shines brightly I am filled with gratitude. Each breath is a signature of life. The Choices… Will I be present or will I choose to live in the past? Will I choose to love and be loved? Will I choose a healthy mindsetContinue reading “The Path”
  • Love
    Is love a hug? Is it a kiss? Is it a friend who cares? Is it having a life time partner? Is it a smile? Is it laughter and good times? Is it a healing touch? Is love different for each person? Is it a feeling that comes and goes? Is it accepting people justContinue reading “Love”
  • First Step
    The first step is taking action. If you fall, get up. Keep taking action steps. Discover your talents and gifts. There are many resources online, books at the library, bookstores, hire a counselor, a life coach, take a career college course etc. If you already know in your heart your calling or purpose… then startContinue reading “First Step”
  • Notes, Reminders, Life Lessons
    Self-Worth is a priority. Be strong in your beliefs and values. Know that your purpose lives in you and you can’t lose it. Create a new story, a new chapter a new page, a new beginning. Pray faithfully. Be prepared for Spiritual Warfare. Your past pain has prepared you for your purpose. Do you wantContinue reading “Notes, Reminders, Life Lessons”
  • Thoughts
    Bright moments capture the light. Dark moments create the balance. Balance seeks the truth. Light reveals wisdom. Darkness and pain equal growth.
  • Planting Seeds of Love Quotes
  • What Will We Weave Today?
  • A Simple Way to Spell LOVE
  • A Reminder for Today
  • Watch “”Grace” in Ancient Hebrew!” on YouTube
  • Love is Patient
    To be yoked, linked to Yeshua (Jesus) he can teach us and show us how to love. Jesus is the gentle shepherd. Jesus said my yoke is easy. It is better, it is goodness, gracious and kind.  When we choose to stop loving it may cause many repeated life lessons. So I am determined toContinue reading “Love is Patient”
  • Let it Be So
    A new beginning every day. Protect your life. Separate from the darkness and receive the light. Receive the gift of life. Receive truth and receive love. Celebrate the Victory! Let it be so. https://www.makeitgrateful.com/living/celebrate/hanukkah/hanukkah-historical-timeline/ I am learning about Messianic Jewish traditions. The Chanukah celebration and lighting the first candle was last night on Nov 28,Continue reading “Let it Be So”
  • Thankful
    This year has been challenging and full of life lessons. It has been a walk of faith, a walk of truth, a walk of grace and a walk of love. I have made my share of mistakes and know without a doubt that I am not perfect. I am willing to learn new approaches toContinue reading “Thankful”
  • Tav 22
    https://www.biblestudytools.com/dictionaries/eastons-bible-dictionary/crucifixion.html?_gl=1*1k1i4r9*_ga*b2h2NHBaWVkyaHB6c1U2R1F4cHh1VHEzXzk3b0l5MEcxVkQydWU5MDNlZnlwX2NiZ3k0TkwtOWJ1TWNOY2dZag.. Luke 23:34 Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” And they divided up his clothes by casting lots. John 19:30 When he had received the drink, Jesus said, “It is finished.” With that, he bowed his head and gave up his spirit. The message Jesus left us is to love and forgiveContinue reading “Tav 22”
  • Choices
    Thank you for choices. Choices to move forward with awareness and grace. Choice to review, evaluate and wrap up the year. Choices to create connections and value relationships. Time to choose non-worldly ways. Choosing love, choosing light, choosing the high five, choosing self care, choosing repair, choosing gratitude and choosing truth.
  • Praying and Bee-lieving
    The six-pointed star stands for the six days of creation, and represents the six attributes of God: power, wisdom, majesty, love, mercy and justice. Jesus taught the disciples how to pray: Matthew 6:9-13 NIV.  “This, then, is how you should pray: “‘Our Father in heaven,hallowed be your name,your kingdom come,your will be done,on earth asContinue reading “Praying and Bee-lieving”
  • Forgiveness Quotes
    Forgiveness is giving up the hope that what would have, could have, should have happened, in fact…it did not happen. It’s accepting the reality of what did happen, and moving on,” -Oprah Winfrey Forgiveness: “This truth has been fundamental in allowing me to live my best life. It was transformative. You have to come toContinue reading “Forgiveness Quotes”
  • Uploading, Updating, Upgrading to a New Revision
    I choose to let go of outcomes and results. I choose to be like the crooked tree and live my life purpose. I choose to have inner peace, and to be filled with love, hope, joy, and all the fruits of the Spirit.
  • Ancient Wheel – Circle Art
  • Strength Quotes
  • Celebrate the Gift of Awareness
    Celebrate every moment of awareness. Celebrate every choice to live in the present moment. Celebrate your choice to experience life in a authentic way. Celebrate when you choose to have a positive mindset. Celebrate when you choose to say affirmations to start your day. Celebrate loving yourself. It is a serious matter. Celebrate that youContinue reading “Celebrate the Gift of Awareness”
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  • Colorado Photo
  • Ancient Wheel
    Spiritual Wisdom allows me to focus on creating positive changes in my life. Sometimes sharing the words will help someone else too. Transformation and Transition for Spiritual Growth. Spiritual protection Clarity Persistence, Endurance and Personal Power Setting Firm Boundaries Break unwanted repetitive patterns Choices Walk in the Spirit to live in Peace Harvest and Abundance
  • Nature Photos 2021
  • A Leaf
    As the leaf free falls from the tree, it reminds me of clearing out and making room for new growth. Sometimes we want instant answers and sometimes the answers are still waiting to fall. As the wind blows, feeling the chill air knocking at the door. The smell of autumn is here. The tree standsContinue reading “A Leaf”
  • Flowing or Stagnant
    Harmony is our natural state of being, and so, when our energies become too stagnant, chaos is thrown into the mix to stimulate what will eventually result in balance and invite flow. The trick is to not let chaos trap or define you… simply allow it to create movement in the vehicle of your lifeContinue reading “Flowing or Stagnant”
  • Element Balance Activities
    Earth, Air, Fire, Water: How to create a healthy routine using natural elements. Earth – Implementation• Balance, Connection• Create Self Love Routine• Get things Done• Spend time in nature, grounding • Plant a seed or get a plant• Write a Gratitude list• Practice Compassion Air – Perception• Communicate• Breathe• Concentrate Fully• Focus without any distractions•Continue reading “Element Balance Activities”
  • Opt Out
    The time to heal is today, this moment, now. Opt out of Toxic Relationships. Opt out of Dysfunctional. Opt out of Crazy-making. Opt out of Negativity. Opt out of taking the Bait. Opt out of the cycle of Abuse. Opt out of the Loop. Opt out of waving Red Flags. When you are looking forContinue reading “Opt Out”
  • Autumn Season…A Time to Let Go
    A time to let go of the old, worn out patterns. As the leaves start to fall slowly from the trees soon all the branches will be bare. The strong trees remain standing still. In a short time the trees will be dressed in snow. The snow is a reminder of a fresh new perspective.Continue reading “Autumn Season…A Time to Let Go”
  • Personal Boundaries
    Somtimes life feels harder than it needs to be, that’s why boundaries and strategies are so important. Life throws you many curve balls. When you meet people with mental illnesses such as narcissism or people with toxic attitudes, poor boundaries, or any crazy making person they have “zero” care about how they treat you. YouContinue reading “Personal Boundaries”
  • Release
    Release your fears. Release your grip. Release toxic thoughts and behaviors. Release negative energy. Release going around in circles. Release unhealthy patterns. Release the chains. Release the past. Release the fixing and repairing others. Release the things that are not working.
  • The Circle of Life
    The circle of life. The mysteries in life. Birth, Death, Rebirth, Angels, Spiritual Warfare, Eternity… Do we truly know what happened from the beginning? Do we truly understand spiritual matters? How do we measure invisible forces? How do we explain the unexplainable? Authors, Experts, Scientists, so many claim to know facts when sometimes the informationContinue reading “The Circle of Life”
  • September: Brown Bear
    If you are born from August 22nd or 23rd through September 21st or 22nd your Native American Birth Animal is the Bear. Additional Birthday info:Harvest MoonPlant: Violets: faithfulness, peace, respect and spiritual awareness. Mineral: TopazColor: BrownSpirit Keeper: Coyote, Red MousePower Direction: SSWElemental Clan: Turtle The Bear hibernates and seeks personal truth and answers in the cave. The bear is reborn inContinue reading “September: Brown Bear”
  • Magpies Calling (cawing)
    Magpies Message: There is an opportunity to advance your knowledge and make changes in your life. Are you applying your knowledge and skills effectively? Shift your energy by using laughter in any interaction. Speak up. Communicate. Take steps and experience a new spiritual path. Allow your intuition to guide you with pure intentions. You areContinue reading “Magpies Calling (cawing)”
  • Nature Note
    It is a quiet morning, the scent of a campfire or wood burning stove, and a bird cawing in the background. This is a peaceful way to start the day. A time to listen to the wonders of nature. A time to observe and release any baggage. A time to start over, reset or reboot.Continue reading “Nature Note”
  • Plan Your Escape.
    It is time to run away and make your dreams come true. It is time to plan and write things down that you want to do. It is time to start the list and take action. 1. Go to the beach, go on nature trails and see the mountain views. 2. Walk and play withContinue reading “Plan Your Escape.”
  • Mindset Quotes
    If you find yourself easily provoked, then just change the channel. – Toba Beta When your focusing on the negative, change the programming. – Sandy Schneider The greatest win is walking away and choosing not to engage in drama and toxic energy at all. – Lalah Delia You push the TRUTH off a cliff, butContinue reading “Mindset Quotes”
  • Feeling Peaceful is a Choice
    Some times answers to life questions stand still, other times they come rushing in like a river. Awareness is the key to learning what to do. Discover the truth by exploring and experiencing life in the moment. Be fearless and gentle. Find peace and the answers will come.