Biofeedback Scan: $125.00 Time: 1 hour
Biofeedback Health Scan measures your current energy levels with a quick reflex zone scan from your hand. The device provides immediate results. I review the results with you and then we practice some quick, simple self healing techniques. I measure and test to see which methods work best for you and then you can practice at home. I give you resources to improve your health that can save you hundreds and thousands of dollars on I highly recommend at least two sessions to check to see

Biopulsar Demo: $40.00  Time: 30 minutes
Health Scan measures your current energy levels and one remedy test.

About Biopulsar Scan I assist clients by employing a Biofeedback Scan that identifies the vitality levels of 43 organs and glands using the reflex zones in your hand to check your energy levels. The scan gives you a six month health preview of what organs and glands are optimal and which ones have low energy.

The Biopulsar tests and measures consumable products and holistic remedies and their effectiveness.

The Auramed link below will give you detailed information about the Biopulsar Reflexograph Scan.

I will be adding testimonials and videos to show how a session works and what people think about it.

Holistic Self Care Methods I teach specific body affirmations, self talk, tapping, prayer, art, journaling and life coaching tips that are simple and can be practiced every day.

Color Therapy Wheel $100.00 Time: 1 hour
Reveals your 13 personal power colors! It includes a digital color wheel drawing based on your personal colors. The digital art can be uploaded to Fine Art America: upon request and you will be able to purchase a canvas print, tote bag, shower curtain, coffee cup, or many other items.

More about Empowering Choices:

Why do I do this? I love teaching people simple ways to reduce stress and improve their emotional health which directly affects our physical, mental and spiritual health.

One of the main reasons I promote and love holistic health is because I have experienced great results. The second reason I study holistic remedies is because I have had adverse reactions and side effects from pharmaceutical medications. I have personally practiced and studied many alternative healing methods over the past 20+ years.

I have found the best doctors are Chiropracters, Acupuncturists, Physical Therapists, and Holistic Practitioners. They have continued to help me manage and achieve my health goals my entire life.

When we care about ourselves and choose to decrease our stress level it brings balance and peace into our lives. There are so many healthy choices and ways to improve our health. Find out what remedies work best for you.

The sessions with the Biopulsar are not intended to diagnose or treat medical conditions or mental health issues. Please consult a Medical provider or Holistic Doctor for further diagnosis.

Sandy Schneider, Holistic Life Coach