Empowering Choices Spiritual Life Coach

Sandy Schneider

Empowering Choices started in January 2008 Golden, Colorado

I love Life Coaching people who are interested in learning how to improve their spiritual and emotional health.

Heal dis-ease by healing our attitudes, thoughts, habits, and emotions.

Pain is a warning signal, letting you know that something is out of balance. Look at what you are feeding your mind. Negative imput is one of the root causes of health issues.

My passion is practicing how to make gradual, purposeful, positive, loving, lifestyle changes every day.

I worked as a Life Coach for 13 years with special needs people and we focused on healthy attitudes, having fun, entrepreneur skills, arts and crafts and building relationships. My clients were from Colorado State Agencies and Jefferson County Division of Vocational Rehab (DVR).

I worked with Jefferson County Arc Advocates, and participated in the Life Abilities Program, Arc Ambassador’s Program, Night to Shine-Tim Tebow, Colorado Miss Amazing, Adaptive Adventures and much more.

I volunteered as an Outreach Coach with Stand up for Kids in Denver, Colorado.

I volunteered as a Life Coach to homeless kids and adults for over 13 years.

2022 Volunteer Mentor for Save Our Youth in Denver, Colorado

Empowering Choices was nominated and received a Spark Award for Advocacy in 2012 from The Arc – Jefferson, Clear Creek & Gilpin Counties Lakewood, Colorado.

Current Mission:

To provide Life Coaching using specific strategies and solutions for optimal health of the body, mind and spirit.

Empowering Choices does not supply any medications to manage the unbalanced or overactive organ energy levels.

I do not provide a diagnosis of an illness or a replacement for medical care.

Would you like to hear more natural solutions for optimal lifestyle changes?

Are you interested in learning how to reduce stress and find solutions that work for you?

Weekly Self Care Life Coach Sessions

Biofeedback/Biopulsar Sessions

Remedy and Product Testing

Prayer and Verses

Affirmations and Questions

Color Wheel Personality

Name Meaning