Colorado Magic


Each morning the gifts from nature are unwrapped like a hidden treasure.

Today the magic of the ancient dragonfly came out in the sunshine, a hawk flew by in the distance and butterflies and bees enjoyed the beautiful morning.

The birds were singing and it reminded me to be thankful for this moment in time… when the world is completely silenced and nature creates it’s own lyrics, art and poetry without words.

Turn the volume off for the video if you prefer. I put no music when creating it…. yet it came with sound.

The Bee and the Butterfly

Bee-ing one with the universe.
Butterfly… the freedom flyer.

It is time to believe that the impossible is possible and transformation is happening at this moment. – sandy

Words are like bees – some create honey
and others leave a sting. – unknown

Just living is not enough,” said the butterfly, “one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower.” -Hans Christian Andersen

Click link above to view video “the bee and the butterfly” 🐝🦋

Heart Matters

The heart is a mirror to the soul. It speaks rhythms of beats …

Music, truth, intuition resides in the heart.

Do we use our heart energy to guide us?

Is our heart energy balanced?

Are we listening to our heart messages?

Are we ignoring our heart? Are we healing our heart?

The heart messages remind you to be open to new choices. To live, to dream, to face the fears, the pain, the hurts and to heal slowly.

It is easier to face whatever is going on then to suppress it. Release the burdens, drop the baggage, breathe and let go of whatever is bothering you.

This is a self care moment. Sometimes writing, doodling, walking, breathing deeply, creating movement, dancing, listening to music, going for a drive….

Take the time needed to face your heart matters.

Vision to See the Moment

Eyes on Nature

Transformation can occur in the blink of an eye, or seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades…

Change is constant. Everything is temporary.

A photo or video captures the moment in a time capsule. It becomes a reflection of the past.

A reminder of the peaceful journey of awareness and mindfulness.

I noticed the ants were busy working, the birds singing their songs and finding food, the insects walking or flying around, the squirrels darting from tree to tree, and the ravens cawing from above as I was walking today.

The life lesson that came into vision was to be active, balance my energy and live without limits. Freedom is a choice.

Be Real

Quote by Trent Shelton an Amazing Coach who speaks the truth!

Sharing my personal thoughts and reaction after listening to Trent Shelton today:

When you choose to be real it demands a respectful, warrior attitude. Be able to speak your truth and be passionate about what you believe in, even if it goes against the grain.

I speak with those who want and choose to hear different views about life.

I like to open emotional doors and release negative thoughts and negative self talk.

I enjoy discovering spiritual, intelligent, holistic and mindful practices to achieve love, inner joy and gratitude.

The goal is ultimately to improve inner reflection, love, support, health and wellness.

When your cup is full and overflowing then you are able to love and support others.

It takes effort to look at yourself in the mirror, love yourself, know you are enough and then be able to give and receive love.

Start the process…start the construction…one step at a time, failure by failure, success by success, it will never be perfect, it will be the best effort that matters.

Journaling, Scribbling and Art

Scribble Art

Journaling is a way to let everything flow.

Every morning I write whatever comes to my mind. The first thing is being thankful for life, for a new day, and for whatever else pops up in my head.

Journaling helps to release positive and negative emotions… the darkness and the light.

Then comes the scribbling or doodling to enjoy a quiet getaway and focus on nothing for a little bit. Sometimes the scribbling may be to get rid of some negative energy.

Journaling and scribbling have no borders or limits. It is your free time to express yourself.

Art is freedom of expression and altered art is my favorite.

I believe journaling, being thankful, and releasing emotions through writing, scribbling or altered art is great therapy.

Follow me on YouTube

Look at this… 👀

I have had a youtube channel for several years and decided in July 2021 to start uploading new videos.

Some videos are on my nature walks. It is good to walk everyday. (Check with your doctor of course.)

I will be posting a video soon with a friend on how the Biopulsar scan is done, which will make it easier to understand the simple process. I will be sharing educational data and providing easy techniques to improve your emotional outlook.

Blue Calm

The smoke and gray fog from the fires have lifted and the blue skies and white puffy clouds are shining brightly today.

I saw a blue dragonfly, a blue heron, magpies and ravens on my nature walk. This made the experience more magical and beautiful.

I am thankful for the visits of creatures great and small.

Meaning of the Blue Heron by Ted Andrews