Take Time to Heal

Escape to Nature

Everyone has different ways to heal. Some may choose to ignore or forget about their hidden emotions, their scars and traumas.

If you bury your emotions, they may come back to haunt you.

I prefer to be fully aware of emotional triggers.

I can then accept, forgive, release and let go of emotional triggers from the past and present.

When past memories show up as triggers and pop up unexpectedly; these emotions need to be respected as good messages so you can learn effective ways to handle your emotions.

Triggers can be managed in a healthy manner. It takes time, patience and experimenting with different techniques.

One technique that works for some people is EFT by Gary Craig. Kaiser and the Veteran’s Hospital are teaching their patients the EFT technique or Emotional Freedom Technique.

Relaxing the Brain

Science supports that being out in nature improves your health. So getting my nature supplement today.

I noticed on the days that I skip my walk in nature it feels like something important is missing from the recipe of life.

I am thankful to have a quiet getaway.

I am thankful for the sounds of nature.

I am thankful for the sunshine and blue skies.

I am thankful for the peace that surrounds me at this time.

A Morning View

Starting my day outdoors offers sunshine, beautiful colors, singing birds and it provides a peaceful mindset. It is a walking and relaxing combo.

The best part…it is all free and offers great health benefits.

Find a sacred space that doesn’t have crowds of people, go in the early morning and enjoy time alone.

I would love to hear about your experience.

My experience has been a huge sigh of relief, this time helps me to appreciate the insects, animals and birds. It reminds me of when I was young and played outdoors all the time.

It takes me to a place where the world’s problems stop because they can’t be heard.

There is no TV or radio. I put my cellphone on silent, so all interruptions are on pause.

It feels wonderful not to listen to all the negativity that is broadcasted 24/7. It becomes a choice to tune in or to tune out.

I choose to live without listening to all the bad news.

I leave the TV off. I see some news pop up on my phone and do my best not to focus on all the murders, deaths, hate crimes, etc. I hear and see enough.

This is why I love to escape to the park. To get a fresh view of the simple things in life. A live feed of green plants, pink, purple, yellow, orange and white flowers, trees, rocks, water, sunlight and the sounds of nature. I am forever grateful for this time.

A Reminder

The words you speak in your head, whisper or say outloud can make or break your day.

Limit your exposure to negativity and any focus on fear. Once your fight or flight reaction is activated it takes time, conscious effort and work to deactivate.

Positive self talk is a good place to start.

Enjoy right now.

Self-Talk Tip: It’s science. The more your brain receives the right, repeated messages, the more you wire your brain to succeed. Self-talk rewires your brain. -Shad Helmstetter

Excerpt from “The Self-Talk Solution ”

I highly recommend this older book because it is about changing the way you talk to your self, which of course makes all the difference in the world. Btw…I don’t receive any money or kickbacks for my recommendations.

I really love sharing what has worked for me. I did find a free pdf link to this book online. I am not able to download link or post it here.