A New Chapter

Every day is a blank page and every page brings me closer to my dreams.

I am taking a creative path, a bit different from the norm, yet it reflects truth and inner guidance.

Every day is a choice to take action, to create movement, and to allow the natural flow of life to occur without blocking progress by resisting change.

Starting over is sometimes messy, yet it is essential. The first step is to drop the fears, the blame, the opinions of others and just move forward.

“Just do it” rings in my brain. I have listened to the experts for years so now it is time to act on what I have learned.

Taking a Step

Every step forward is linked with action, mistakes, persistence, determination,  challenges, solutions, obstacles, changes, hard work, motivation, gratitude, focus, dreams, priorities, goals and strategies.

The list mentioned above is a very short list of what it takes to be an entrepreneur…

Success and failure build a bridge to your destination. Keep building your dreams and never give up. Success is giving it everything you’ve got and knowing you did your best.

Introducing Empowering Choices

Hi Everyone! Sandy Schneider, owner of Empowering Choices.

I am a life coach, writer, and artist.

I started Empowering Choices in 2008.

The best thing about having your own business is doing what you love to do.

My business is focused on natural self care strategies and remedies that reduce fear, stress, emotional pain, anxiety and tension.

I use an educational device called the Biopulsar Reflexograph to show clients a colorful picture of their 49 organs using the reflexology points on their hand. We discuss natural ways to reduce stress and improve health on any organ that needs attention.

The Biopulsar is also a product remedy device, so I can check to see what remedies work effectively for each person.

Because of my allergies and adverse side effects to many medications and supplements I have had to find natural methods and solutions to stay healthy.

Everything I have found that manages stress has had a profoundly positive effect on my health.

I prefer using simple self-care practices to reduce stress such as praying, nature walks, journaling, affirmations, color therapy, art, tapping-EFT, Wim Hof breathing, cold showers, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Wu Wei philosophy, affirmations, self talk, life coaching, bible verses, and much more.

I love teaching people simple ways to improve their life and make it fun and inexpensive at the same time.