I add all the spices above and a touch of honey, unsulphured molasses, a frozen banana, a teaspoon of cocoa and peanut butter. Occasionally adding Gingko Biloba or curry or any spice that has additional health benefits.

I started using spices in my cabinet at home to lower my blood pressure and for overall health benefits. I’ve had adverse reactions in the past to medications so I researched and experimented with many alternative, holistic health methods and many home remedies. I finally found something that works!!!

There are amazing health benefits in spices that lower blood sugar, reduce inflammation, help digestion, give you an energy boost, brain power and they are full of antioxidants.

WARNING: If you are pregnant DO NOT consume herbs or spices without talking to your doctor and checking online for all side effects during pregnancy.

WARNING: If you are taking medications consult your doctor before using any spices and herbs.

Here is the documented change in my blood pressure:

4/18/2022 Blood Pressure Reading

5/6/2022 Blood Pressure Reading

Biopulsar Reflexograph

Who can benefit from a Biopulsar Scan? Everyone.

The Biopulsar-Reflexograph® system is a biofeedback tool that gives scientific information and objective interpretations for the full body’s electromagnetic field and seven major energy centers. The technology incorporates several proven sciences such as biofeedback, neuroscience, reflexology, kinesiology, and color therapy to name a few, making it the most advanced bioenergetics technology in the world!

Learn simple stress management tools to help relieve most physical, emotional and behavioral challenges. Stress is one of the root causes of illness. When you become aware of your stress level and how it affects your body you are able to create solutions that work every day to manage your stress responses.

The Biopulsar’s method of measuring is fast, precise, uncomplicated, repeatable, cost effective, and there is no need for the client to disrobe. Once the client’s hand is placed on the sensor, it takes 1 to 2 minutes for the electronic measuring sensors to simultaneously receive the exact vitality in more than 49 organ zones.

If your interested in this amazing technology book an appointment here: https://www.facebook.com/holisticandalternativehealth/

I will provide stress reducing ideas and methods that we can test on the Biopulsar to see if they are effective for you.

Below is a sample of a color analysis photo and the corresponding organs.

Food that provide healing to your body.

Endless Love

Endless Love

Mother’s Day is about birth, memories and endless love.

Remembering the miracle of birth… when your precious children entered into the world.

Children are gifts from above, that are placed into your care, into your loving arms, to be loved forever, even across the miles a mother’s love never ends.

A baby receives all the love inside your heart the moment of conception. Your love flows every day and your children remain forever in your heart. 

When you are pregnant the journey of motherhood begins. When you are able to hold your baby for the first time the miracle of birth becomes a reality.

As you gaze at your children it is amazing and wonderful to experience life through their eyes and your eyes.

As your children become adults, there is a heart connection that stands the test of time.

As time passes you see your adult children get married, become parents or choose to be single or have boyfriends or girlfriends.

Then the gift of grand children may happen and when grandchildren are born life becomes pure joy. Children have beautiful hearts and their smiles and wholehearted laughter lights up the world.

Every time I see or hear from my family it is a celebration of love. A reunion of hearts.

Endless Love.

Poem by Sandy Schneider

The Path to Healing

“Healing Within” Poem by Sandy Schneider

The path looks different for each person. In my life “love” is the superpower that heals the path within. Challenges show up on a rainy, cloudy or sunny day. Healing reminds me of the seasons. In the Springtime we start to bloom; rising up like a seed planted in the darkness. In the Summer we celebrate the sunshine and warmth, bathing in the blue water. In the Fall we shed the colorful leaves of our past. In the Winter we sit with everything that remains, as the white snow falls covering the path.

When we look at nature, a sunrise or sunset, the moon and the stars brings healing to our soul.

When family or friends offer kind words, a hug, a phone call, a prayer, a text message, a verse, a poem, art, a letter, there are so many amazing ways to allow our hearts to heal.

Loneliness came to Visit

Sometimes loneliness creeps in the door unexpected.
It does not knock, it seems to appear out of nowhere.
You look straight at it and ask “Who let you in?”
It does not reply, as you sit in total silence.
When this happens you have some choices.
You can kick it out the door or sit with it.
You can do the best you can or
you can force a different outcome.
You can pretend it’s not happening or choose to wear a mask.
Sometimes you can accept the peace and quiet
that surrounds you and embrace it.
Sometimes you want to run to family and friends.
Sometimes you want to run far away and escape.
Sometimes it feels like heavy chains are holding you down.
Sometimes being with others feels like a small band-aid
on a huge bleeding wound.
Sometimes relationships can truly heal your soul.
Sometimes going out feels good;
other times it feels like a like an experiment
rather than a life experience.
Loneliness asks you questions and makes you think.
Sometimed being fully present and accepting life as it occurs isn’t easy.
It takes courage to look loneliness in the face.
It takes strength to take in all the emotions it reveals.
To grieve, to cry, to move on, to accept, and
To celebrate new beginnings.
Your family moves away, your partner is gone, death of loved ones, your friends are busy and your left wondering…
What happened and when did the lights go out?
Again you are left with more questions…
What will you do next?
Sometimes new people cross your path and misunderstand who you are and your too tired to explain or justify their current perception.
Sometimes when you attempt to battle loneliness it feels like your a warrior taking invisible hits, as old wounds open that have never healed from the past.
Sometimes it feels like your winning, losing, sinking and
swimming in an endless cycle.
Is it time to tell loneliness to go away and maybe come back another day?
Today loneliness is being kicked to the curb,
yesterday we had coffee and a long talk.
Tomorrow I may have to deal with it again.
What will I do when loneliness comes to visit?

Poem by Sandy Schneider

I wrote this for people who have struggled with grief, pain, and loss on life’s journey. I am not exempt. Each day becoming aware of inner and outer pain and then deciding to take a step forward is the key to healing your soul. Movement and a hard or soft reset are needed and it usually leads to a positive outcome.

Acceptance is part of the journey.

Having tools and resources to navigate are essential.

I take online classes with Jayson Gaddis, Trent Shelton and Mel Robbins. I follow Tony Robbins and many others on social media that help me through challenging moments in life. I enjoy having inspiration, encouragement, aha moments, and learning from the experts. Sometimes it is completely free advice other times it comes with a small cost and provides tremendous value.

If you want to get unstuck, if you want to heal, find people you can relate to, then listen, learn and apply. Test it, experiment, give it a try.

Why not start with a 15 minute video a day from a reliable resource, a proven, well known author.

May you have the courage to find answers and solutions. Sending love to all those who are struggling and searching for answers.

I may post later some of my favorite videos and resources.

The Path

Walking forward and sometimes strolling backwards.

Each day as the morning sun shines brightly I am filled with gratitude.

Each breath is a signature of life.

The Choices…

Will I be present or will I choose to live in the past?

Will I choose to love and be loved?

Will I choose a healthy mindset or will I choose to focus on the negative input from the world?

Will I choose to take gradual, small steps to find harmony and balance or will I rush to find instant answers that may turn out to be false?

Will I understand that pain provides the answers that I need to move me in a new direction?

Will I face the truth that some things happen in life for unknown reasons?

Will I accept what is or will I make choices to resist what is happening consciously or unconsciously?

Life is a path of listening, observing and discovering our authentic self; each choice brings important life lessons that are designed for personal growth.

I want to see clearly and vividly. I want to hear the inner truths. I want to feel alive and connected. I want to touch nature and use all my senses to experience life on earth.

I want to continue on a spiritual path of love, hope, faith, grace, forgiveness, joy, miracles, and much more.

I want to walk on the bridges, walk on the dirt, walk on the rocks, walk on the sand and grass and swim in the ocean, rivers and lakes.

I want to sing a new song and listen to music, and the sounds of drums, flutes and every musical instrument.

Let the journey begin moment by moment, choice by choice…let it be.


Can we define love?

Is love a hug? Is it a kiss? Is it a friend who cares? Is it having a life time partner? Is it a smile? Is it laughter and good times? Is it a healing touch? Is love different for each person? Is it a feeling that comes and goes? Is it accepting people just the way they are? Is love accepting others without judging? Is love freedom? Is love inside a rose? Is love a newborn coming into the world? Is love your family, your children, your grand children? Is love a sunrise and a sunset? Is love explainable? Is there an exhaustive definition of love written that is fully complete?

Love is…________________________fill in the blank.

I think love is the best way to live life.

I believe Love is the perfect solution to most problems.

Love could take a zillion pages or more to explain.