Prioritize your Energy

Are you giving away your energy?

Your energy is very important, spend it wisely on what matters most to you. Prioritize your energy. Don’t give your energy away to daily distractions, drama, bad news, or people that may be sabotaging or knocking you off balance.

Make a choice to be responsible for your own emotions, your reactions and your energy. Cultivate a healthy mindset. Do not waste your energy on toxic people, identify the source of the energy drain and remove yourself from that situation. If you choose to stay then offer zero emotional reactions.

Try doodling and scribbling your feelings on paper and make them totally unreadable. This is a great way to vent when you are stuck in a temporary situation.

Doodle Art

Don’t give anyone permission to devalue or tear you down.

Ask yourself… how am I feeling right now and be fully aware of your energy. If a situation is draining you…disengage, walk away, opt out, or take a break.

Burn those bridges! Focus on your health and don’t give away your power or energy.

A New Chapter

Every day is a blank page and every page brings me closer to my dreams.

I am taking a creative path, a bit different from the norm, yet it reflects truth and inner guidance.

Every day is a choice to take action, to create movement, and to allow the natural flow of life to occur without blocking progress by resisting change.

Starting over is sometimes messy, yet it is essential. The first step is to drop the fears, the blame, the opinions of others and just move forward.

“Just do it” rings in my brain. I have listened to the experts for years so now it is time to act on what I have learned.